Beginner's Choice: Home Keyboard


PSR-E463 Home Keyboard

Ideal for Beginners

Few musical instruments are as versatile as the home keyboard. From its ability to mimic any number of other instruments, to the dynamic, on-board backing band it can provide, the home keyboard can also provide a first step towards learning to play piano or mastering the art of commercial music production.

Yamaha PSR-E463 Home Keyboard

Our PSR-E463 is the perfect choice for a beginner. It's an impressive keyboard: it can sound like almost any instrument (over 750 to choose from) and has over 230 backing accompaniments covering virtually every style of American and western European music; it also offers a range of synthesizer-like controls to adjust the sound in realtime.

For the beginner, it features the 'Yamaha Education Suite' - a set of tools which help you to learn music notation and chords between lessons - and a simplified version of the 'registration' system found on our workstation keyboards. Registration memory lets you save combinations of settings - sound, rhythm et al - and recall them via a single button press - very useful during lessons, exams or performances.

When you're ready to explore the world of music production, the on-board Groove Creator and multi-track recorder are at your fingertips - and USB connection is all that's needed to connect to an iPad, Mac or Windows PC for more powerful production tools.

Why it's great for beginners:

  • The PSR-E463 has a touch-sensitive keyboard - like a piano, the harder/faster you press a key, the louder it will sound; this is essential for adding expression to your playing
  • Like a professional workstation keyboard, the PSR-E463 features hundreds of different sounds...
  • ...And many different backing rhythms
  • It can be stored away when not in use - the keyboard can rest upright on one end and the stand folds flat
  • The Yamaha Education Suite is a useful aid for developing note and chord familiarity
  • The simplified registration system is based on the system on our professional keyboards - but is easier to learn
  • There's huge scope for also learning the world of music production, with on-board recording systems and a USB link for a Mac, iPad, iPhone or Windows PC

Good to know...

  • The PSR-E463's sounds are based on 'samples' - recordings of real instruments (acoustic and electric), sculpted and fashioned by the keyboard's sound engine to make them respond intuitively as you play the keys
  • The realtime controls offer a glimpse of the level of control our professional synthesizers offer with filters and effects literally at your fingertips
  • With most keyboard, connecting to a computer involves two types of connection - 'MIDI', which carries information about the notes you play (effectively a digital form of sheet music), and 'Audio', getting the actual sound of the keyboard into the computer's software. This usually requires multiple cables and probably a dedicated audio interface device. This isn't the case with the PSR-E463; instead, a single USB cable (plus an adapter for iPhones and iPads) fully connects the keyboard to a Mac, iOS device or Windows PC - saving time, money and possibly some frustration.

Best ways to learn...

  • Find a local keyboard tutor or find your nearest Yamaha Music School
  • If you're at school or college, see if your music department offers keyboard lessons
  • Watch keys players on YouTube to see how they use their keyboard