Beginner's Choice - Digital Piano


YDP-S34 Digital Piano

Ideal for Beginners

When you decide to learn to play the piano, you'd ideally choose a real, acoustic piano to play and practise on. But an upright or grand piano won't always fit the available space or budget. Our digital pianos make an excellent alternative - and the YDP-S34 might be the perfect choice for a beginner...

Woman playing a Yamaha YDP-S34 digital piano

Offering a fully weighted and graded, touch-sensitive hammer-action keyboard, a full complement of notes (88, as on a grand piano) and a trio of foot pedals, the YDP-S34 has all the essential features for piano playing.

But we wanted beginners to have more than just the essentials - we wanted to make the YDP-34 an instrument you'll look forward to playing for years to come. For its voice, we captured the tone of our renowned CFX Concert Grand, allowing you to hear the 9ft-long grand piano as you play, complete with details and articulations, whether you play using the YDP-S34's speakers or play silently using headphones.

For its body, we designed a slimline contemporary cabinet with a compact footprint, able to fit into the smallest rooms. Its modern keycover folds down to form a flat surface when not in use.

Why it's great for beginners:

  • The 3 essential features for piano-playing are all present:
    • Full length 88-note keyboard, so you won't run out of notes
    • Fully weighted and graded hammer action so your hand and finger muscles build up the strength needed to play progressively advanced music
    • Touch-sensitivity, so you can play expressively; the harder you press a key, the louder the note will be
  • It's lightweight and has a small footprint - making it perfect for bedrooms, halls-of-residence and spare corners you might have at home
  • You can play using headphones - silently to those around you and therefore making it possible to practice at times which suit you (even if it's the middle of the night)

Good to know...

  • The YDP-S34 uses our new CFX sound engine. Based on recordings of our CFX Concert Grand, the sound engine sculpts, fashions and combines those recordings so that they respond naturally and intuitively as you play the keys
  • The YDP-S34 also has a USB connection - allowing you to use the piano to record into Mac, iPad, iPhone and Windows devices, or remotely play virtual instrument apps.
  • The YDP-S34 inherits technologies first pioneered by our premium Clavinova range of digital pianos.

Best ways to learn...

  • Find a local piano teacher or find out about your nearest Yamaha Music School
  • If you're at school or college, see if your music department offers piano lessons
  • Follow an online course, such as Flowkey
  • Watch pianists on YouTube and professional artists in live performances