Beginner's Choice - Acoustic Piano


b2 Silent Upright Piano

Ideal for Beginners

Few things match the feeling and sensation of playing and mastering a real acoustic piano - you can sense and control the movement of the hammers, strings and soundboard as you play to the point where they become an extension of yourself - faithfully conveying every nuance and emotion. And it's an instrument the whole family can learn - with enough room to play duets and perfect for accompanying family members playing other instruments.

Yamaha b2 Silent Upright Piano

The b2 Silent model has a high quality action and produces a warm tone; its highly-polished outer cabinet finds the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design. All these features alone make it an ideal first piano - and a stunning addition to your home.

But, as its name suggests, this piano offers something extra. Tucked under the left-hand side of the keyboard is a small control panel - switch it on, plug in headphones (included), move the middle pedal sideways and the b2 goes into 'Silent' mode. Through the headphones, you'll hear the awe-inspiring, natural tone of our concert grand piano as you play the keys - but to those around you, the piano will be virtually silent. This makes it easy to play and practise according to your schedule - whether that's late at night, early morning or whilst the family watches TV.

The Silent technology within the piano offers additional advantages - you can connect it to a Mac, iPad, iPhone or Windows PC for recording, or use the myriad of apps available - many of which are useful practise aids.

Why it's great for beginners:

  • The b2 features a high-quality hammer action which gives consistency and precision in its response (so you can play with confidence)
  • You can play using headphones - silently to those around you and therefore making it possible to practice at times which suit you (even if it's the middle of the night)
  • You can use iPad and iPhone apps to help you progress
  • You can connect to Macs, iPads, iPhones and Windows PCs for recording and production duties

Good to know...

  • In Silent mode, the piano uses recordings of our concert grand piano, sculpted, fashioned and combined so that they respond naturally and intuitively as you play the keys
  • The b2 Silent also has a USB connection - allowing you to use the piano to record into Mac, iPad, iPhone and Windows devices, or remotely play virtual instrument apps.
  • We pioneered Silent Technology in 1993 and continue to develop and progress this remarkable system. Today, the sound heard when playing with headphones is virtually indistinguishable from the real piano.

Best ways to learn...

  • Find a local piano teacher or find out about your nearest Yamaha Music School
  • If you're at school or college, see if your music department offers piano lessons
  • Follow an online course, such as Flowkey
  • Watch pianists on YouTube and professional artists in live performances