Beginner's Choice - Flute


YFL-212 Flute

Ideal for Beginners

Equally at home as a solo instrument or as part of an orchestra, playing the flute is hugely rewarding and, along with the instrumental abilities you'll gain, you'll likely discover new social circles and make new friends when playing as part of a group.

Yamaha YFL-212 Flute

We've specifically designed the YFL-212 for beginner flautists. It features 'covered' plate keys rather than 'ring' keys - this helps ensure the key fully seals the underlying sound hole in the flute's body rather than requiring pin-point-accurate finger position - which is tricky for adult beginners and often impossible for young children. Later on, you might opt for a flute with ring keys which allow you to subtly affect the pitch and tone with your finger placement over the sound holes.

The 'G' key on the YFL-212 is slightly offset compared to the keys around it; this makes it easier to reach and use (with no detriment to the flute's tone). And, we've included a 'split-E' key mechanism - this helps you to produce a high 'E' note and is regularly recommended by flute teachers.

The body of the YFL-212 also has subtle details designed to help new players. The lip plate - the protective bar across the air hole which you blow across to produce a note - has been shaped to encourage a good lip/mouth shape. And we've extensively tested different sized and weighted keys to find the optimum weight and balance for beginners.

As with all our instruments, we've crafted the YFL-212 to ensure that it performs consistently and predictably - so you won't need to compensate for varying intonation or changeable key resistance.

Why it's great for beginners:

  • We've made the YFL-212 with the same care and attention-to-detail as on our professional flutes - so that it performs equally consistently and trouble-free
  • Covered keys ensure each sound hole is fully closed when the key is pressed down, rather than requiring exact finger-positioning
  • A 'split-E' system makes it easier to play a high-E note
  • The lip plate is subtly-contoured to encourage an optimum mouth/lip shape

Good to know...

  • A flute's body is made up of three main sections - the headjoint (which includes the air hole you blow across), the main body (which incorporates the majority of the keywork) and the footjoint at the far end
  • For younger beginners and those with shorter arms, we make a version of the YFL-212 which includes both the standard headjoint and a second, curved headjoint which double-backs on itself. This makes the flute much shorter - and far less of a stretch.
  • The whole of the YFL-212 is made from a nickel-silver alloy; this is then silver-plated. We also make a version where the lip-plate is made from sterling silver (again, silver-plated)

Best ways to learn...

  • Find a local piano teacher or find out about your nearest Yamaha Music School
  • If you're at school or college, see if your music department offers piano lessons
  • Follow an online course, such as Flowkey
  • Watch pianists on YouTube and professional artists in live performances