Beginner's Choice - Violin


V3SKA Violin

Ideal for Beginners

With what other instrument can you go straight from leading an orchestra, to driving a country hoedown? The violin is light, compact and famed as much for solo performance as it is for ensemble work.

Yamaha V3SKA Violin

Our V3SKA is the perfect violin for beginners. Our artisan instrument makers have handcrafted its wooden body, following the same traditional methods passed down through the centuries by master violin makers.

The V3SKA comes as part of a kit - or 'outfit' - which also includes a violin bow, violin case and rosin (a plant resin-based substance rubbed onto the bow to increase friction between bow hair and strings and thus improving the transfer of energy from bow to violin).

We make the V3SKA in three sizes - quarter-size for very young children, half-size for older children and full-size for teenagers and adults. In terms of design and specification, all sizes are identical.

Why it's great for beginners:

  • The V3SKA is crafted and finished by hand to ensure durability and great tone - as well as class-leading consistency and intonation (so you can concentrate on learning rather than having to compensate for fluctuations in the instrument's performance)
  • We've built in Wittner's famous tuning-adjusters - these make it easy to fine-tune the violin
  • The V3SKA comes complete with violin case, violin bow and rosin - just add time and (some form of) tuition

Good to know...

  • Violins made today generally follow the basic shape and styling laid down by one of the two great violin-making families of the 17th Century; Guarneri and Stradivari. Violins in the Guarneri design are usually referred to as 'del Gesu' ('of Jesus' due to Bartolomeo Guarneri hallmarking his instruments with Roman Catholic iconography); violins in the style of Stradivari are known as Stradivarius or Strads.
  • Though results of blind-tests with virtuoso players suggest the difference in the two styles doesn't necessarily manifest in a tonal difference, the del Gesu style is often thought to give a darker, more versatile tone compared to the Stradivarius. Hence we've made the V3SKA in the del Gesu style.

Best ways to learn...

  • Find a local violin teacher or find out about your nearest Yamaha Music School
  • If you're at school or college, see if your music department offers violin lessons
  • Follow an online course
  • Make enquiries with local orchestras or chamber music groups