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Photo of digital pianos on the ground floor in the Yamaha Music London store on Wardour Street

Pianos, Keyboards & Orchestral Instruments

A World of Music to Explore

Located on the ground floor of the Yamaha Music store, we've a vast range of digital pianos, hybrid pianos, keyboards, brass, strings and woodwind instruments to discover and try out.

From our ground-breaking smart pianos to our traditional and Silent violins, it's the perfect place to start a new instrument or upgrade your existing model.

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Photo of an N3X AvantGrand Piano

Yamaha AvantGrand Pianos

Taking the class-leading hammer actions from our acoustic grand and upright pianos and matching them to our best ever digital piano synthesis and sound reproduction technology, AvantGrand gives the ultimate piano experience from a digital instrument.

Photo of a CVP-709GP Digital Piano in the Yamaha Music London Store

Yamaha Digital Pianos

Comprising models from our acclaimed Clavinova, Arius and P Series ranges, there's a digital piano to suit virtually any budget or room size.

Photo of two Yamaha home keyboards on display in the Yamaha Music store in London

Yamaha Keyboards

Jaw-dropping realism and astonishing virtual band accompaniments mean that our home keyboards lead the way - perfect for home, stage and classroom.

Close-up of a Yamaha French horn

Brass Instruments

Our brass instruments are among the most popular in the world, thanks to our refusal to compromise on design and craftsmanship - even in our student-level models.

For professional and veteran musicians, this means instruments which faithfully translate every nuance of your performance; for beginners it means instruments which perform consistently and reliably.

Close-up of a violin being played

String Instruments

There are few instruments as steeped in history and tradition as the violin, viola and cello.

Thanks to the expertise and experience of our luthiers, our models exhibit highly detailed craftsmanship with superb acoustic properties - making Yamaha violins, violas and cellos look, feel and sound incredible.

Close-up of a selection of Yamaha Clarinets

Woodwind Instruments

We take huge pride in our range of woodwind instruments - from our Custom and Artist models designed in close collaboration with the world's leading virtuosos, to our range of beginner and student models which inherit many of the hallmarks of our professional series.

Yamaha clarinets, flutes, piccolos, recorders and saxophones can all be found in our London store.

Photo of a Yamaha Silent Violin

Silent Instruments

Modern life doesn't always seem suited to learning music - the sound of music practise can too often compete with the TV and sometimes, the only time we have to practise is early morning or late at night - which might not be ideal for family or neighbours.

Our Silent ranges are the perfect solution. All our digital pianos and keyboards can be played silently using headphones; our Silent Brass mutes allow you to do the same with virtually any existing brass instrument. And, our Silent Strings range offers the same convenience - along with their eye-catching designs.

Photo of a violin teacher teaching a young boy

Music Lessons & Discovery Sessions

At Yamaha, we believe that music enriches our daily lives and the world around us. That's why we regularly host 'Learn to Play' music days with free taster lessons for beginners, and offer Discovery Sessions on some of our more-indepth instruments.

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Photo of a Jazz band performing at Yamaha Music London

Demonstrations, Events & Live Music

Music is at the heart of everything we do - so there's nothing we enjoy more than hosting incredible artists and bands instore.

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