Find the perfect Yamaha piano for you


Photo of an AvantGrand NU1X Piano in a domestic room

Choosing the Perfect Starter Digital Piano

At Yamaha, we take great pride in making some of the world's greatest concert pianos. But we're equally proud to be making high quality pianos to suit normal homes and more modest budgets. If you're looking for a starter piano, we've put a selection together for you to explore...

P Series: For the Spontaneous

Slim, easy to carry and extremely versatile at the same time, our P Series pianos are ideally suited for those who like to take their music on the road - whether that's rehearsing in studios, playing local pub gigs, or travelling to uni and back.

Photo of a young pianist playing the P-125 in their studio room

P-125 Piano

Despite its compact measurements, the P-125 model dazzles with a high-quality dynamic sound made possible by our Pure CF Sound Engine. The piano's 88-note keyboard offers a natural touch and authentic weighting and motion, similar to an acoustic piano. The built-in speaker system provides brilliant sound wherever you play!

P-125 with stand and accessories
Photo of the P-515 in a living room

P-515 Piano

The P-515 model embodies portable luxury: The sounds captured from the acclaimed Yamaha CFX and revered Bösendorfer Imperial - two of the world's finest concert grands. The Natural Wood X key action provides a playing experience in harmony with that of an acoustic grand piano, whilst more than 500 voices give you unparalleled sound options.

Photo of the P-515 piano with stand and accessories

Arius & Clavinova: For the Home Pianists

With their modern takes on the traditional upright piano design, our Arius and Clavinova models are the perfect pianos for the home.

Photo of a young woman playing the YDP-S34 in their studio bedroom

YDP-S34 Arius Piano

Our most affordable Arius piano, the YDP-S34 features the sound of our CFX Concert Grand. Its stylish, compact design still manages to fit in our breakthrough technologies such as the Acoustic Optimiser and app connectivity. It's ideal where space is at a premium.

P-125 with stand and accessories
Photo of a young pianist playing the P-125 in their studio room

CLP-645 Clavinova Piano

The expressiveness of a concert grand piano in your home: Our Clavinova pianos delight with a nuanced and dynamic sound inspired by two legendary grands – the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial. The CLP-645 Clavinova offers sparkling highs, a powerful bass and outstanding dynamics. Its NWX keyboard, made with natural wood and synthetic ivory, provides a playing experience reminiscent of an acoustic grand piano keyboard. Even with headphones, its sound is clear and crisp – perfect when playing at night when you don't want to disturb anyone.

P-125 with stand and accessories
Photo of the CSP-150 in a study

CSP-150 Clavinova Piano

Playing the CSP-150 Clavinova brings the fun to music. Its GH3X keyboard faithfully reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano – from the heavy feel in the lower register to the lighter touch in the upper octaves. Playing fast passages never felt so good! And, by utilising the Smart Pianist app (for iOS and Android devices), you can start playing your favourite songs straight away while also enjoying accompaniment from a dynamic backing band and choosing from many other functions.


NU1X AvantGrand Piano in Apartment Living Room

AvantGrand: When Only The Best Will Do

AvantGrand Hybrid Pianos represent the perfect marriage of traditional craftsmanship and digital innovation. Within the elegant cabinet of the NU1X lives a true acoustic piano hammer action, offering the authentic playing experience previously only felt when playing an upright instrument.

NU1X houses numerous digital features along with iOS app connectivity - the Smart Pianist app (for iOS devices). The NU1X damper pedal allows for subtle sound changes, just like a grand piano pedal would, so that you can use the same half-pedal techniques you would with a concert grand, for detailed control over sustain and resonance.