Clavinova CLP - Piano Room: Your Personal Piano Technician


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Piano Room Mode: Your Personal Piano Technician

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Pianist and digital piano specialist Gary Hopkins lifts the lid and explains all...


If you own one of our latest CLP Series Clavinova pianos, you already know that you have the best digital piano experience in terms of sound and feel. But did you know that with every model from the CLP-635, you also have your very own personal piano technician and piano mover! Don’t believe me? Let me tell you where to find them as I lift the lid on our amazing Piano Room mode...


Lid Position

Well, I said I’d be lifting the lid! Here you’ll find a virtual piano lid that you can open and close. In doing so, you'll change the sound, as would happen on a traditional acoustic piano when you adjust the lid position.


On an acoustic piano, an experienced piano tuner and technician can make careful adjustments to the hammers in order to make the tone either brighter or mellower. On the CLP-635 and up, you can do the same thing, with button controls allowing you to set the tone to your taste.


Every combination of acoustic piano and pianist is different; technique will vary between players and all pianos will respond slightly differently. To help you feel immediately at home, we've included a selection of sensitivity settings from 'Soft' to 'Hard' on our CLP-635 Clavinova (and higher models) so you can have the keys feeling and responding just as you expect.


We’d all love to play in a concert hall, right? The Reverb setting allows you to effortlessly 'move' your piano between different types of rooms and halls. The Reverb depth setting controls how 'big' the room is; increase this and you can move from village hall to Royal Albert Hall without moving an inch!


Tuning? On a digital 'but-they-said-it-didn’t-need-tuning' piano?! Of course, our CLP Series pianos don't need tuning. But, suppose you want to play along to an instrument (or singer…shh!) that isn’t in standard concert pitch? With our CLP-635 and higher models, you can shift the tuning of the whole instrument to be higher or lower in pitch to match.

Virtual Resonance Modelling (VRM)

Using ground-breaking acoustic modelling, VRM recreates the complex harmonics and resonances of a traditional piano. You can choose how much resonance you hear. Dial it right up on those concert grands to get those gorgeous, rich tones.

Key Off Samples

We all know that a piano makes a sound when you press down a key. But did you know that how you lift your finger off a key can also affect the sound? Our CLP Series uses 'key-off' samples to recreate this - and you can adjust the settings according to your own preference.

Half Pedal Point

On a real acoustic piano, you can press down the damper pedal so slightly as to make the damper only just make contact with the strings. This results in a very slight sustain. On our CLP-635 and higher models, that effect is recreated - but it's also adjustable to suit your taste.


A piano sound tuned and perfected to your own custom settings, by you, for you, that you can move to whatever setting you want. Pretty neat, huh? Well, it gets better. What if you could do all of this with a swipe of the finger? There’s an app for that! Plug in your iPad (or Android device) and get the free Smart Pianist app. You can do all of the above and a whole lot more...

Download the Yamaha Smart Pianist App:

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