The right flute case?

Most of the Yamaha flutes comes with a case - however for those that don't we want to ensure you get the perfect case for your instrument.

We have put together a list below of the case that will suit your flute.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


All Yamaha cases are made of either plastic, ABS plastic, or wood to provide a strong and durable outer shell. 

Hinges and Latches

Our cases use riveted metal hinges and latches, which are very durable and easy to operate. They are much less prone to breakage compared to our competitor's molded hinges and latches.

Flute Cases

YAC 1310Plastic case; handleYFL-2XX/3XX; YAC 1340 cover
YAC 1310HPlastic case; handleYFL-3XXH; YAC 1340 cover
YAC 1320Plastic case; combo C foot and piccolo; handleYAC 1345 cover
YAC 1320HPlastic case; combo B foot and piccolo; handleYAC 1345 cover
YAC FLC-A40Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-A421E/A421U/A421; YAC FLB-A40 cover
YAC FLC-B40Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-B441; YAC FLB-B40 cover
YAC FLC-45Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-4XX; YAC FLB-45 cover
YAC FLC-48Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-4XXH; YAC FLB-48 cover
YAC FLC-554Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-5XX; YAC FLB-55 cover
YAC FLC-584Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-5XXH; YAC FLB-58 cover
YAC FLC-654Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-6XX; YAC FLB-65 cover
YAC FLC-684Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-6XXH; YAC FLB-68 cover
YAC FLC-65Wood case; vinyl coveredYFL-7XX; YAC FLB-65 cover
YAC FLC-68Wood case; coated leatherYFL-7XXH; YAC FLB-68 cover
YAC FLC-85-1Wood case; leather coveredYFL-881; YAC FLB-85 cover
YAC FLC-88-1Wood case; leather coveredYFL-881H; YAC FLB-88 cover
YAC FLC-88-2Wood case; leather coveredYFL-874H/884H/892H/894H; YAC FLB-88 cover
YAC FLC-85WWood case; coated leather coveringYFL-874W/894W
YAC FLC-88WWood case; coated leather coveringYFL-874HW/894HW
YAC FLC-98-1Wood case; leather coveredYFL-9XXH; YAC FLB-98 cover

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