Top Artists praise World Class performances os Yamaha's new AvantGrand Piano

A trio of internationally respected and acclaimed musicians from contrasting musical fields have embraced the remarkable musical performance capabilities of Yamaha's new AvantGrand hybrid pianos. 
Artur Pizarro, one of the world's most highly renowned concert pianists is joined by jazz legend, composer and bandleader Julian Joseph and Paul Carrack, one of the UK's most popular musicians, in endorsing the musicality and versatility of the instrument. 
Paul Carrack, who is currently touring the UK to sell-out audiences promoting his new album I Know That Name selected the AvantGrand N2 for all his live shows, whilst Julian Joseph requested an N3 both for the world launch of his Shadowball Opera in November, and for his recent Samuel Coleridge Taylor recitals at the British Library. 
Launched earlier this year to huge enthusiasm from media, piano professionals, musicians and the European Piano Teachers Association, the extraordinary new hybrid instrument opened a new chapter in piano development and design and marked a new era in the history of the traditional pianoforte. 
The hybrid nature of the piano is a result of combining a traditional concert grand piano keyboard action – complete with hammers – with some of the world's most advanced sampling technology, developed specially for the AvantGrand. 
Paul Carrack, one of the UK's most critically acclaimed popular musicians and vocalists expands on his passion for the instrument, "At last, a touring piano that feels like a real instrument! Leaving aside the wonderful deep, rich sound, the AvantGrand has an incredible touch response that actually feels like an acoustic instrument. It’s excellent in all respects and absolutely not a compromise option – as would be the case with a standard digital piano. It really is superb." 
All three artists are keen to point out that, in their professional opinion, the AvantGrand is the first non-acoustic instrument to create a physical and emotional relationship with the player, offering a true acoustic piano experience. The newly developed tactile Response System transmits 'string' vibrations through the keyboard action to the player's hands. To a serious and accomplished pianist, feeling these vibrations is integral to the playing process. 
Julian Joseph comments, “The AvantGrand is a new type of piano, designed to provide a high quality instrument that works well in an essentially acoustic environment. The keyboard action is even and weighted exactly like an acoustic piano, and it’s an instrument one can work with confidently to achieve a smooth transition to the concert grand in any situation. Of course, I still love the acoustic piano, but the AvantGrand, with its hybrid of acoustic and digital technologies, is a new genre of piano; it’s an instrument sensitive to the musician. Yamaha are innovating and getting it right!” 
In addition to the keyboard action, the AvantGrand offers highly detailed and accurate sound, made possible by Yamaha's proprietary and highly advanced sampling capability. This is matched by the superb four-channel, three-way spatial acoustic speaker system, complimented by two sound board resonators that exactly duplicate the non-directional sound dispersion felt and heard by concert pianists. 
Artur Pizarro comments on his experience of the AvantGrand " How would you shrink a concert grand piano to fit the space of your average living room?,Design an AvantGrand. How would you recreate the touch and tone quality of a concert grand piano in a baby grand sized piano? Build an AvantGrand. Where do you find a piano that is always in tune and doesn't change tone quality? An AvantGrand. How do you practise on a concert grand quality instrument without bothering your neighbours? play AvantGrand with a good pair of headphones! ..Do I want one ? YES!" 

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