Power and Beauty combine in new Yamaha CF Series concert grand pianos


Yamaha President Mitsuru Umemura yesterday (March 23rd) unveiled the new CF series of concert grand pianos led by the much anticipated CFX, revolutionary new instruments over 19 years in development, and a once-in-a-generation occasion according to the President.
Yamaha state that the new CFX concert grand piano and CF series overall will come to be seen as one of their greatest achievements emphasising that these truly exceptional instruments are the result of many thousands of hours of private testing and evaluations carried out in partnership with some of the most discerning and demanding concert pianists, piano professors and technicians worldwide.
The new CF series pianos mark a significant milestone in Yamaha's celebrated 108-year history as an acclaimed world-class piano maker. The evening also provided the assembled VIP guests a rare opportunity to meet many of the people involved in the development and design of the new range.
Yamaha President, Misturu Umemura comments “The concept behind the series is ‘Beauty & Power’. Beauty signifies the wide range of tonal colors and musical voices the CF series are capable of, while Power refers to their unprecedented tonal projection. These pianos offer artists outstanding expressiveness for truly musical performance, coupled with enough tonal presence to carry over the sound of a full symphony orchestra—and in the largest of concert halls.”
Yamaha are keen to stress that the new CF series is not simply a development of existing models. They are totally new instruments that build on Yamaha's ambitions to exceed the expectations of players and audiences and set a new global standard for grand pianos.
In these instruments Yamaha have completely re-examined and re-evaluated every single aspect of the piano-making process and components involved therein, resulting in a wide range of startling improvements and advances that all combine to underpin the 'Beauty and Power' concept.
Each instrument is entirely hand-built by a small team comprising some of the world's most experienced and passionate craftsmen. All wooden materials are individually seasoned and crafted to perfection and exude Yamaha's legendary attention to detail. The design of the hammers has also been improved and each CF instrument is subject to many hours of detailed and intricate voicing.
The new CF-Series comprises the flagship 275 cm CFX model and two smaller grand pianos, the 212 cm CF6 and the 191cm CF4. Both the CF4 and CF6 draw on Yamaha's exemplary conservatoire heritage and are sure to prove particularly popular with academic institutions where performance, durability and value are paramount.
 Yamaha’s European Director of Pianos is Mark Rolfe who comments “Yamaha CF concert grand instruments are respected and acclaimed at the very highest level and the new CFX and accompanying models are testament to our strong partnerships with many of the world's top pianists and educationalists. The CF-Series can be characterised by Yamaha's revered reputation for tonal clarity, incredibly deep and rich bass, open broad sonority and a long, singing sustain. We are confident that they will further extend our outstanding success with international artists and concert halls.”
Yamaha have also announced new distribution plans for Bösendorfer pianos. These exquisite Viennese pianos will be marketed through Yamaha’s global distribution channels which is expected to open many exciting commercial opportunities for both brands. The CF Series and Bösendorfer pianos are superb high-level instruments with tonal qualities that are quite different and distinct from each other. Offering this choice to consumers can create new business opportunities for piano dealers, and provide an unrivaled piano solution for artists, academic institutions, teachers and the general public.
Bösendorfer Spokesman Rupert Loeschnauer commented, "The relationship with Yamaha makes  'sound business sense' to us as Yamaha’s huge resources including world class piano artist facilities will ensure that we can bring improved service and support to our valued artist and dealer network. We will be retaining all the traditional qualities that have seen Bösendorfer become one of the most respected piano makers in history.
The launch event, held at Das Kurhaus, Wiesbaden culminated with a concert with pianist Frantisek Janoska, whose Bösendorfer was accompanied by members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. This was followed by a solo recital performed on the new CFX by Piotr Anderszewski.