Yamaha bring acclaimed DTX-PAD technology to affordable DTX550K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha bring acclaimed DTX-PAD technology to affordable DTX550K Electronic Drum Kit
Yamaha today proudly announced the new DTX550K Electronic Drum Kit, the first mid-priced model to feature Yamaha's unique award-winning DTX-PAD 'Textured Cellular Silicone Head' technology.
The feature packed DTX550K brings professional percussion performance, sound and feel to serious drummers on a budget. The new mid-range kit is built around the 10" DTX-PAD Snare Drum. This offers musicians unprecedented dynamic control and feel and incorporates an in-built suspension dampening system which absorbs the energy from the hands and wrist for maximum playing comfort.
The Hi-Tech Snare Drum pad offers highly flexible 3 zone playability. The pad's rim is divided into 2 zones allowing for example, drummers to play open and closed rim-shot sounds or simply allocate any other of the superb inbuilt 427 voices to the zones. The main drum head functions as the third zone and can also have any sound allocated to it. Additionally the DTX-PAD incorporates the all important controller knob which can adjust and operate many of the functions of the DTX500 Sound Module including pitch, voices and digital effects, subtle real time adjustments such as snare wire tensioning can also be made with the controller knob.
In addition the kit comprises three ' natural rebound' Tom Heads (TP65), compact 7.5 Inch pads which provide super natural response and 13" and 15" 3-Zone Cymbal pads. The zoning system on these cymbal pads allows for bell, bow and edge playability providing the natural feel and sound of acoustic cymbals. The 2-Zone Hi-Hat pad completes the kit set and is operated via a traditional Hi Hat clutch system for smooth and natural control. The Hi-Hat is also multi zone and allows players to produce foot splash effects .
Professional studio and live sound is provided by the newly designed DTX500 module. Developed in association with a range of international Yamaha artists, the sound module delivers superb and dynamic acoustic kits samples from some of Yamaha's most acclaimed kits including Oak Custom, Maple Custom,Beech Custom and Recording Custom.All sounds have been multi-sampled which produces sounds with highly accurate and detailed acoustic characteristics .
As you'd expect from Yamaha the module also features a range of pre-programmed kits so it's ready to perform straight away. There are over 400 professional quality sounds which can be deployed to create personalised custom kit set-ups. For new players the DTX550K can also be used to develop playing skills and techniques thanks to the 44 built in songs; players can mute the componant parts and then play along - perfect practice! The integral digital recorder allows players to record and playback performances whilst the auxiliary input facilitates simple connectivity to CD, MP3 and other audio devices.
This product is currently in production, and will be available for sale at Chappell very soon.
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