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PW-10 V-Wah Guitar Pedal

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Our Ref: BOS-PW10

Product Description:

The amazing PW-10 V-Wah from BOSS may be the last wah pedal you'll ever need or want to buy. This first-of-its-kind programmable modelling wah gives you instant access to six classic and modern wah pedal sounds, as well as all-new "Double Resonance," "Uni-V" and "Voice" sounds never found in a wah pedal before! Plus the V-Wah features onboard overdrive/booster effects, three digital memories for storing your favourite sounds, noise-free infrared operation and more.

• World's first COSM® modelling wah pedal, with 6 classic and modern wah pedal models

• Noise-free operation with advanced infrared pedal detection

• 8 onboard Overdrive/Distortion effects to perfectly complement the wah sounds

• New "Voice" mode simulates "talking" vowel sounds

• New "Double Resonance" mode creates analogue synth-type sounds

• "Uni-V" effect produces vintage swirling rotary sounds

• 3 digital memories for saving customised wah sounds for instant recall

• Wah Range knob allows users to customise the filtering range instantly

A modelling Wah Pedal

With the new V-Wah, BOSS has taken its considerable digital modelling know-how and recreated some of the most popular wah pedal sounds of all time. These COSM® models include "CBY-Wah" (the classic wah sound), "VO-Wah" (the British wah sound), "MO-Wah" (a popular new-school wah sound), and "Uni-V" (a vintage swirling rotary effect). Each of these is a stunning simulation of the original, quickly accessed with the turn of a knob.

Advanced New Features

Digital memories and infrared sensors aren't the first things that come to mind when you think about wah pedals, but that's exactly what sets the V-Wah apart. Thanks to its infrared sensors, this pedal offers smooth, noise-free operation, has no "click" sound when it's turned on-and never needs to be cleaned or have parts replaced. Once you've tweaked your wah sound to perfection using the "Type," "Wah Range," and "Drive" knobs, simply save it to one of the PW-10's three digital memories for instant recall with the heel pedal switch.

Onboard Overdrive/Distortion

Since many of the best wah sounds include a healthy dose of overdrive, the V-Wah includes eight different types of built-in overdrive. These include BOSS classics like the OD-1 OverDrive, OD-2 Turbo OverDrive, MT-2 Metal Zone®, DS-1 Distortion, BD-2 Blues Driver®, as well as "Muff Fuzz," "Guv Dist" and "Booster" modes. Just dial in the amount you want with the "Drive" knob.

“Talking” Wah Sounds and More

The V-Wah's "Voice" mode can produce a wide variety of "talking" wah sounds-just sweep the pedal through the different vowel sounds and make this pedal talk! Rounded out with an "Advanced" mode with a huge filter range, and a "Bass" mode designed for the frequencies of bass guitar, there's never been a wah pedal quite like this.

New “Double Resonance” Mode

The PW-10 doesn't just do wah; it also creates analog synth-like sounds via a newly developed "Double Resonance" mode. Simply use the pedal to sweep the filter and get fat synth sounds by adding the PW-10's onboard distortion or fuzz. You can also use modulation effects like delay, chorus and reverb for an even greater variety of cool synth sounds.