Yamaha AG06 Hybrid Mixing Console

Multi-Purpose Mixer

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AG06 Hybrid Mixing Console

Why we love it…

Combining our mixing, DSP (digital effects) and audio interface technologies into one easy-to-use unit, the AG03 is perfectly designed for podcasters, gamers and music producers - and it's Mac, Windows and iOS compatible.


Yamaha AG06 Hybrid Mixing Console Multi-Purpose Mixer For Gamers, Vloggers and Music Producers

AG is a multi-purpose, high-resolution mixer and USB audio interface designed to elevate the creative, audio experience for webcasters / podcasters, gamers, mobile musicians, music producers and more...


The Yamaha AG Series offers high-resolution (24-bit/192kHz) audio recording and playback, iOS compatibility and battery operation.

A key feature of the AG Series is the intuitive ‘TO PC’ switch that allows users to select which inputs are routed back to a computer or iOS device. Selecting Dry CH 1-2 allows the computer or iOS to record inputs 1 and 2, while the INPUT MIX switch routes all inputs to the computer or iOS device via USB for standard music production applications. The LOOPBACK function in the TO PC section, which is perfect for podcasters, routes all inputs to the stereo USB output, along with the USB input from the computer. This makes mixing mics and instruments with music beds, sound effects or the audio from computers and iOS devices a breeze.

Gamers are also able to adjust their sound in real-time with the included headset interface and hardware controls, removing the need to open a software control panel. The AG is the perfect tool for creating videos on sites like Twitch.tv.

The Swiss Army Knife.

Unlike USB audio interfaces which typically rely on software to control routing, effects and monitoring, the totally new AG series eliminates the need for software and brings easy-to-use routing and DSP controls to the front panel. All of this is combined with high resolution 24-bit, 192kHz audio.

The AG series also features the acclaimed high-quality Yamaha D-PRE microphone preamps and onboard DSP effects, along with an AUX input for additional music source – such as an iPod. The inclusion of a foot switch input means that performers can add a footswitch to kill the FX on a mic channel when talking between songs. Separate headphone/monitor volume controls are perfect for gamers who share videos. The layout brings hidden or difficult-to-find software controls to the front panel with easy-to-use faders, knobs and switches. 1-TOUCH DSP makes it easier than ever to get professional sound quality.

The AG06 features six channels: a main input optimised for vocals with a D-PRE studio-quality mic preamp, a second flexible channel for another mic or a guitar and two stereo inputs for keyboards or other line level sources. The flexible second channel features 1-TOUCH AMP SIM DSP for great guitar tone at the touch of a button. The three-channel AG03 features a single 60mm fader for the main input with D-PRE mic preamp and a Hi-Z input that allows direct connection for guitars and basses.



I/OPhantom power+ 48 V
Input ChannelsMono[MIC/LINE]2 including HEADSET MIC (Plug-in Power)
Output ChannelsSTEREO OUT1
BusStereo: 1
Input Channel FunctionPAD26 dB
PEAK LEDLED turns on when the signal reaches 3 dB below clipping level
On-board processorsDSPCH1: COMP / EQ, EFFECT (SPX Reverb) ; CH2: AMP SIM, EFFECT (SPX Reverb)
Level MeterUSB Output Level; 2 x 2 point LED meter [PEAK, SIG]
USBUSB Audio: 2 IN / 2 OUT, USB Audio Class 2.0 compliant, Sampling Frequency: Max 192 kHz, Bit Depth: 24-bit

General specifications

Power requirementsDC 5 V, 500 mA
Power consumptionMax. 2.5 W
DimensionsW155 mm (6.1")
H63 mm (2.5")
D202 mm (8.0")
Net weight1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)
OptionsFoot Switch: FC5, Mic Stand Adaptor: BMS-10A
OthersFoot Switch: EFFECT Mute on / off, Operating Temperature: 0 to + 40 °C
Product IDCAG06

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question:


Thank you for the question. We've designed the AG06 to connect directly to a Mac, iPad or to a Windows PC - it incorporates our own high quality converters and no additional DACs would be needed.

If wanted, you could use the AG06 purely as an analogue mixer (a separate power supply would be required) in conjunction with an external USB DAC. However, you might find our general-purpose MG Series and MGP Series analogue mixers more flexible.


Thank for the question. Whilst the AG06 has been designed for use with an iPad, Mac or Windows PC, it can function as a standalone mixer if wanted.

Rather than having a connection for a conventional mains power adapter, the AG06 instead has a USB-B connection (for providing both power from, and data to and from a Mac or Windows PC) and a micro-USB socket - this is for use with standard 5V USB mains adapters/chargers when using the AG06 with an iPad or just as a mixer.


Yes, the AG06 works perfectly with electronic drums, guitars, DAW software and studio monitor speakers:


  • Input channel 2 has a 'Hi-Z' mode suitable for plugging an electric, electro-acoustic or bass guitar directly into the AG06 with the option of built-in amp-simulation
  • Alternatively, you can mic up a guitar amp (using input channel 1)
  • Or, if the amplifier has a simulation output channel (or headphone output), this can be connected to any of the input channels on the AG06

Electronic drums:

  • Drum kits such as the Yamaha DTX or Roland V Drums usually feature a headphone output and a main Left & Right output - with the correct cable, either can be connected to input channel 3/4 or 5/6
  • Yamaha DTX electronic drum kits often feature MIDI outputs as well - these won't connect to the AG06 but if there's a USB connection on the drum kit, this will connect to your computer directly
  • Drum kits featuring conventional MIDI outputs can be connected to macOS and Windows computers using a Yamaha UX16 (or alternatively, MD-BT01 for macOS computers)


  • DAWs such as Cubase, Logic, SONAR and Reaper (as well as Cubasis and Garageband on iOS) will see the AG06 as an audio interface (and can use its inputs and outputs)
  • Just connect via USB to your computer/iOS device

Studio monitors:

  • Studio monitors can be connected to the Stereo Out or to the Monitor Out connections on the AG06 (you'd use each in slightly different scenarios - see the user manual for more information)


Once connected, as far as Windows, macOS and iOS are aware, the AG06 (and its smaller brother, the AG03) is a standard, high-quality audio interface and will work with Audacity, Wavelab, Cubase, Cubasis, Logic and all other studio software (which make use of macOS, Windows or class-compliant audio interfaces).


The AG06 allows you to connect microphones, instruments and music/speech recorders (including iPhones, iPads and iPods and the Pocketrak handheld recorders) for recording in realtime to software (we include Steinberg's excellent Cubase AI software to get you started).

But the Pocketrak PR7 includes a built-in USB connection to connect directly to your computer, allowing you to transfer recordings back and forth - you won't need an audio interface/mixer to do this (but it can still be very useful to have).

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Why we love it…

Combining our mixing, DSP (digital effects) and audio interface technologies into one easy-to-use unit, the AG03 is perfectly designed for podcasters, gamers and music producers - and it's Mac, Windows and iOS compatible.