French Horn Mouthpieces

Instruments generally come with a mouthpiece supplied.  However, as players progress on their instruments it is normal that they try and obtain a mouthpiece to suit their own playing techniques to improve and facilitate the playing of that instrument.  Sometimes, a player may choose a mouthpiece with design features for a particular playing style (e.g. Jazz, Orchestral, etc.) and, here at Yamaha Music London, you'll find a range of Yamaha french horn mouthpieces suitable for you.

Which one should I buy?
These Yamaha mouthpieces are available in both Standard, GP (gold-plated rims), Silver 925 (sterling silver) and Signature (designed in collaboration with the world' top players) series.  Check below for more detail or, alternatively, ask your teacher for advice.

[NOTE: The details of each Yamaha mouthpiece includes a comprehensive listing of its own size and characteristics as well as a comparison with others in the series.]

Brass Mouthpiece Model Number System

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