Yamaha GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano

In Polished Ebony finish

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GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano
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Our latest development stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

TransAcoustic is the name we have given to the technology that will power a new breed of piano. At its most basic level, it harnesses the natural resonating properties of the wooden soundboard, turning it into a speaker. Thanks to the realtime signal optimisation process of the TransAcoustic module, any sound can be played through this naturally resonant piano component.

But there’s much more to TransAcoustic technology. Using a mechanism similar to that of the well-proven Silent Series, it is possible to prevent the hammers from striking the strings and, instead, to play back digital samples. Unlike the Silent instruments, however, there is no need for headphones or external amplification. The sound is played back though the soundboard. You can control the volume and select the sound - from a sampled CFX concert grand, or a choice of electric pianos to a marimba and harpsichord. And perhaps the most scintillating sounds are generated when you combine the acoustic and digital properties of the instrument - gentle orchestral strings under a natural piano, for example.

Because the instrument is a real, fully strung and resonant piano, the natural, sympathetic vibrations of both the soundboard, case and, significantly, strings, add a completely new dimension to performance. The sampled sounds come to life with a brilliant realism no other instrument has approached.


Real acoustic piano

Vitally, a TransAcoustic piano is a real, acoustic piano with the world-class craftsmanship and design our pianos are known for. Almost every part is made within our workshops so that we can guarantee high-level playability, long lasting durability and a beautiful sound when the hammers take to the strings. The vibrations of the strings are transmitted via bridges to the solid-tonewood soundboard which then resonates, producing the sound.

Play piano at any volume

There are times when the full, powerful sound of a grand piano might not be entirely appreciated by your family or neighbours. For these situations, simply activate the GC1TA's TransAcoustic mode and the hammers no longer strike the strings. Instead, an optical sensor grid detects the depth, velocity and timing of every key movement and sends this information to the TransAcoustic module. In realtime, the TransAcoustic module recreates the piano tone with exquisite detail - at a volume of your choosing.

Enjoy different sounds

The TransAcoustic mode offers 19 different tones, allowing you to select a sound to perfectly match the music genre of your performance. Select from a CFX Concert Grand, a choice of electric pianos, organs, marimba or harpsichord. Additionally, you can connect any external sound source to be played back through the soundboard.

No external speakers needed

With our groundbreaking TransAcoustic technology, there´s no need to for external speaker or amplifier. TransAcoustic technology turns the piano itself into a speaker with the soundboard working as the membrane for that loudspeaker. The piano is ready for you to play as soon as it's delivered into your home.

3D Sound Projection

Sounds played through speakers can often sound one directional as they are coming from a single source point. Because the TransAcoustic system uses the piano's expansive soundboard, a more natural, larger sound is created - for our most immersive digital sound experience. 

Natural string resonances

The TransAcoustic technology transmits the digital sound directly to the piano soundboard and makes the piano itself behave like a loudspeaker. The sound you hear has the natural tonal characteristics of the soundboard.The vibration of the soundboard is also transmitted to the piano strings and creates the same natural string resonance as when you play an acoustic piano. With the soundboard producing a rich tone and the strings a natural resonance effect, instrument voices sound better than ever. Digital was never more natural.

Combine acoustic and digital sound

Perhaps the most scintillating sounds are generated when you combine the acoustic and digital properties of the instrument - gentle orchestral strings under a natural piano, for example. You can also combine the CFX concert grand piano sound with the GC1TA's own acoustic sound to give it more power and depth.

Play along to music

Another way to enjoy TransAcoustic technology is to play the piano accompanied by pre-recorded tracks played through the soundboard. Because the instrument is a real, fully strung and resonant piano, the natural sympathetic vibrations of the soundboard, case and more significantly strings add a completely new dimension to performance. The sampled sounds come to life with a brilliant realism no other instrument can match. You can use the USB port to play back music files or use the Aux In connection to connect an external music player such as an iPhone or iPod.

Silent Piano SH Technology included

The TransAcoustic Piano features our renowned Silent Piano SH Technology allowing you to escape from the daily routine and relax using headphones. The binaural sampled CFX concert grand piano was created using microphones at a pianist's natural listening position. This offers the perfect environment to play without being disturbed or disturbing others.


Piano Specifications



149 cm (59")


101 cm (40")


161 cm (5'3")



311 kg (686 lb)


Number of Keys


Key Surfaces - White

Acrylic resin

Key Surfaces - Black

Phenolic resin

Keyboard Action

Made by Yamaha


Drive System

Mechanism: TransAcoustic™ technology



GC Series Special



Damper / Sostenuto / Shift



V-pro made by Yamaha





Prop Safety Stop


Key Cover

Lid/Fallboard Locks


Soft-Close Fallboard


TransAcoustic Specifications



Sensor System

Key Sensor

Non-contact continuous detection optical sensor

Hammer Sensor

Non-contact 2-point optical fiber sensor

Pedal Sensors

Damper Pedal: Continuous detection sensor, Sostenuto Pedal: ON/OFF detection sensor, Shift Pedal: ON/OFF detection sensor


Hammer shank stopper operated by motor drive


Quick Escape mechanism

Digital Tone


AWM Stereo Sampling

Sound Engine (Piano)

SILENT Piano™ mode: CFX Binaural Sampling TransAcoustic™ mode: CFX Stereo Sampling

Piano Effects

Damper Resonance, String Resonance, Sustain Sample, Key-Off Sample

Internal Tone

Polyphony (max)


Number of Voices

19 (16 voices + 3 dual voices)

Voice Selection (Playback)

480 XG voices + 12 Drum / SFX kits

Wave Memory

256 MB



Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2 / Stage

Pitch Control

414.8 Hz to 466.8 Hz



Preset Songs

53 (50 Greats for the Piano + 3 piano demonstrations)

MIDI Recording/Playback


USB Audio Recorder




Mini Stereo Jack x 2




Mini Stereo Jack

Speaker Output

Phone Jack x 2



Power Supply

Power Consumption

44 W

Auto Power Off



Headphones, Headphone hanger, Owner's manual, Music book "50 Greats for the Piano"


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