Instruments for beginners


Start your musical journey with Yamaha.

Many people are shy and diffident about their musical ability but, with lessons from an encouraging music teacher, inner talent can bloom and develop, giving immense pleasure to self and loved ones. Nowadays video lessons make it possible to learn an instrument online, which can be a practical option for some. Yamaha provide a range of pianos, digital pianos, electric and acoustic guitars, electronic and acoustic drums and other instruments suitable for beginners. In our sheet music department we offer a vast range of tutorial books where you can learn basic beginner guitar chords, for example; and of course we have a range of beginners’ books for those who wish to learn sheet music.

When you or your child are first learning to play, you don’t want to spend the earth on an instrument. However, learning on a poor quality one can have a damaging effect on a student’s morale, as well as setting up issues for the longer term.  With Yamaha you don’t have to compromise. We provide a range of beginner pianos and other instruments that are economically priced but nevertheless have the craftsman-like quality that you can depend on with any Yamaha product.

Many of Yamaha's digital pianos have a “headphones” option to avoid practice sessions disturbing other household members. Many of these digital pianos have been intensively developed by the Yamaha laboratories to have the weighted feel and sound of a traditional acoustic piano, facilitating sensitive playing, pleasure in learning, and easy transfer to a traditional instrument in the future, if desired.

We also have a range of “silent” orchestral instruments.