Saxophone Necks

The neck, or gooseneck as it's sometimes called, is the part of the saxophone that connects the mouthpiece to the main body of the instrument.  The design and bore of the neck can influence the overall tone of the instrument. 

Saxophones generally come with a body, neck and mouthpiece as standard.  However, as players progress on their instruments it is normal that they try and obtain an instrument to suit their own playing techniques and deliver their desired sound and, here at Yamaha Music London, you'll find a range of Yamaha saxophone necks suitable for you.

Which one should I buy?
These Yamaha sax necks are available in three bores sizes (Small, Medium and Large) and various finishes.  Check below for more detail or, alternatively, ask your teacher for advice.

Playing Characteristics
Model Comments
C1 (Small Bore) The small bore taper design of the C1 provides the player with the greatest possible control for a quick response, excellent intonation and a focused tone.
E1 (Medium Bore) The E1 neck has a more gradual bore taper which offers excellent control of the air flow for a quick response and superb intonation.
V1 (Large Bore) The V1 neck provides an easier response with with great intonation in the upper register. A versatile neck, this is perfect for all levels of players.

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