Kemble Concerto Upright Piano

in Dark American Walnut Satin with Inlay

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Concerto Upright Piano
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Every Kemble voiced and prepared in the UK for a classic British tone, and comes with a year's free servicing to keep it at its best

Kemble's Concerto piano is mid-sized (114cm) and inspired by their best selling 124cm Conservatoire model. It has beautifully rounded edges and profiles and the subtle use of chrome further enhances the visual experience. If space is an issue then this smaller piano could be the answer; it is also surprisingly affordable.

To maximise the sound potential of this model Kemble have used a higher grade hammer than on their Oxford and Cambridge models, which enhances both the powerful bass and clear treble.


 General Piano Specifications:

  • Height - 114cm
  • Braced back
  • Solid European ‘Strunz’ spruce soundboard, ribs and back grid
  • High specification hammers
  • Classic traditional styling
  • Thicker and heavier cabinet parts giving a luxurious and solid appearance
  • Subtle use of brass as a feature in the leg
  • Vacuum processed cast iron frame
  • World class Yamaha action
  • Available with Yamaha SG Silent Piano TM system (in black only)
  • Unique Kemble warm mellow tone
  • Depth: 54.4cm, Width: 150.4cm, Weight: 202kg
  • 2 Headphone Sockets: With two sockets you can practise with a friend or teacher
  • Metronome: The built-in metronome helps you to play with accurate tempo
  • Transpose: Transpose the pitch of the sampled sounds in semitone increments
  • AUX (IN/OUT): Play along with an MP3 player or through your hi-fi
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