Yamaha Modus H01 Clavinova Digital Piano

in Deep Brunette finish

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Modus H01 Clavinova Digital Piano
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Yamaha's ground-breaking Modus H01 piano sets new standards in design, featuring a modern, slim line, and contemporary look. Based around the acclaimed Clavinova piano technologies, the H01 looks, plays and sounds stunning.

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Stylish and sophisticated digital piano
The H01 combines a true piano sound in a modern, attractive cabinet that evokes the beauty of a real acoustic grand piano adding sophistication and musical expressiveness to your living space.

Authentic Acoustic Piano—like Touch Natural Wood Keyboard
The special Natural Wood keyboard uses real wood (on the white keys), to reproduce as closely as possible the experience of playing an actual acoustic grand piano. The authentic touch and feel of the keys goes far beyond existing electronic keyboards, realistically recreating the hardness of the keys, the balance between the weight of the key and hammer, and the characteristic weight gradations of the keys - heavy in the low end, light in the high register - to make you feel as if you’re playing a real grand piano. Moreover, this specially crafted keyboard lets you use techniques only possible on grand pianos, such as playing the same note successively and having the sounds blend smoothly even without use of the damper pedal, or playing the same key quickly and having perfect articulation without the sound cutting off unnaturally.

AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling
The Yamaha H01 offers unmatched sonic realism and natural grand-piano type playability as well as Yamaha’s original AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling tone generation technology for rich, musical voices. The Grand Piano 1 uses totally new samples painstakingly recorded from a full concert grand piano. including three velocity-switched samples (Dynamic Sampling), special Sustain Sampling that samples the unique resonance of an acoustic grand piano’s soundboard and strings when the sustain pedal is pressed, plus Keyoff Samples that add the subtle sound produced when the keys are released.

- Keyboard: 88 keys (A-1–C7), Natural Wood keyboard (real wood on white keys only)
- Tone Generation: Three-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling. 30 banks of sampled sounds, Sustain Sampling, Key-Off Sampling.
- Polyphony (Max.): 64
- Voice Selection: 10: Grand Piano 1+2; Electric Piano 1+2; Piano & Strings; Church Organ; Jazz Organ; Strings; Harpischord; Vibraphone
- Effect: Reverb
- Volume: Master Volume
- Controls: Dual, Transpose, Touch (Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed)
- Pedal: Damper (with half-pedal), Sostenuto, Soft
- Songs: 50 preset Songs
- Jacks/Connectors: PHONES × 2, USB TO DEVICE, AUX OUT
Main Amplifiers 40 W × 2
Speakers Oval (13 cm × 6 cm) x 2, (16 cm + 2.5 cm) x 2
Dimensions (W × D × H) (Lid up): 1,461 mm x 750 mm x 761 mm
(1,487 mm x 760 mm x 1200 mm [58-1/2" x 30" x 47-1/4"])
- Weight: 82 kg (180 lbs. 12 oz.)
- Accessories: Owner's Manual, Quick Operation Guide, Bench


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