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CD-NT670D MusicCast Smart Music Player

After a busy day, nothing beats sitting down and relaxing to your favourite albums or discovering new (or old) music. The CD-NT670D is our brand new home audio unit. Externally, with its black or brushed-silver fascia, it looks like a normal high-end and compact CD player - only a single USB port hints at something more. 

Behind the understated exterior lies an extremely smart music player. As well as regular CDs, it can play back audio files (including high resolution FLAC files) from both its own USB port and a local DLNA home media server (WiFi is built in along with a LAN port). You can stream to it as well - using Apple's Airplay, Bluetooth audio or a variety of streaming services such as Spotify and Napster (Apple Music plays via AirPlay). The CD-NT670D packs in a DAB tuner but can also connect to a exhaustive list of internet radio stations as well. To complete the range of inputs, both an analogue AUX IN connection (we connected it to a turntable's pre-amp) and a digital optical connection (we connected a PS4) are present and correct - allowing you to connect virtually anything that plays music to the CD-NT670D. To control it, a very capable and intuitive - if similarly understated - app is available to download for iOS and Android devices.

These capabilities already make it a perfect addition to an existing home audio or home theatre system - but the multi-talented CD-NT670D has another trick up its sleeve. It's part of our new MusicCast home audio multi-room system. Add another MusicCast unit such as a WX-030 wireless speaker, RV581 theatre receiver or YSP1600 sound projector bar to your home WiFi and you can instantly share music from one unit to another, playing the same music across multiple rooms, regardless of where the music originated from.

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