Yamaha DTX502 Series Kits

Featuring the Acclaimed DTX-PAD Snare

The DTX-PADs on the new DTX502 Series, with their vastly improved sound quality and highly expressive playability that is close to acoustic drums, can easily integrate into a hybrid drumkit.

Currently, the DTX502 Series range of electronic drum sets, there are four models comprising of the DTX522K, DTX532K, DTX542K and the DTX562K.  Each of them are all based around the DTX502 module that includes 691 drum, percussion and effect sounds with built-in comprehensive training functions, practice songs and easy MIDI recording. The USB port allows plug and play control of VSTi software and lets you import custom wave files.  So whatever the gig requires you get the best performance sounds to choose from.

Also, Yamaha have created a series of apps like 'Song Beats', available from the App Store, that will aid your practising and get you into the groove!

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