Know How Sessions

Yamaha Music London Know How Saturday Sessions

Introducing our Yamaha Music London "Know How" Saturday Sessions

Join us each Saturday throughout August and September, and learn from our product specialists and professionals.

Each session will be carried out by a specific instrument specialist, who, through demonstration can help you get the very best out of your Yamaha instrument. 

Learn the latest tips and tricks for instrument play, along with increasing your knowledge in how best to maintain your instrument throughout its years of playing.

Dom Sigalas takes on Synths - September 24th 11am-1pm

Sound designer, musician and music producer Dom Sigalas will be with us for this weeks Saturday "Know How" Session taking place on September 24th between 11am - 1pm. An exceptional musician with a wealth of experience, Dom will firstly be demonstrating our range of excellent Yamaha synthesizers and showing his very own unique and bold sound creations. Following this performance he hosts a Q and A session in which you will be welcome to ask Dom any questions you may have surrounding sound design, Synth use, or Dom's own impressive experience within the industry. Blending beautifully between vintage and contemporary sound design (think Stranger Things!) on some of the best Synthesizers in the world, this is a really special session that is not to be missed.

Back To Bass with Costa Tancredi - October 1st 11am-1pm

Costa Tancredi will be with us for this weeks Saturday "Know How" Session taking place on 17th of September between 11am - 1pm, here at Yamaha Music London. Musician Costa will be demonstrating his brilliant Bass skills in a one hour performance here in store followed by a Q and A providing information on Bass care and Maintenance, tuning and stringing your instrument and how to get the very best from your Bass. Join us here in our Flagship store to experience a one of a kind performance from Costa Tancredi, and begin to lay the foundation for yourself to become the Bass player you always knew you could be. As Suzi Quatro says, “The bass player's function, along with the drums, is to be the engine that drives the car… everything else is merely colours.” Come and light up these colours with Yamaha Music London this Saturday at our Back To Bass "Know How" Session!