Yamaha Orchestral & Tuned Percussion


Are you an extrovert seeking an instrument?  You have come to the right department!

From the thunder of the bass drum to the tinkle of the orchestral bells, the sound of concert percussion is the icing on the sonic cake and the punchy struck notes and beats are well able to stand out from the orchestral wash, however voluminous the latter.  Often percussion will enter at the peak intensity of the music and add to the thrilling climax.  But make sure you can count bars in order to come in at the right moment!

A new generation of musicians are exploring exciting new ways of using percussion, for example developing certain orchestral percussion, such as the marimba, as solo instruments.

Percussion instruments are divided into tuned and untuned, although this is not a hard and fast division.  Some instruments, such as tympani and xylophone, are almost always used as tuned percussion and the snare drum is almost always used as untuned but some instruments, e.g. cowbells, can be used either way.

Yamaha Music London offers a range of concert percussion.  Joking apart (regarding the above comment about extrovert percussionists), some of our instruments, for example the timpani, are expertly designed to provide a range of sound qualities so that they are able to blend in with, or stand out from, the orchestra as required.  But, whether it be hidden or overt, who can deny the power of percussion?


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