Yamaha Vibraphones

The vibraphone, or “vibes” as it is also known, is an instrument of the glockenspiel family, having a set of metal bars which produce notes when struck by a mallet. The distinctive feature of a vibraphone is that it has a spinning butterfly valve in the resonator under each bar, adding a distinctive vibrato effect to the timbre. A vibraphone also has a sustain pedal that operates in a similar way to that of a piano.

The vibraphone was first developed in the nineteen twenties and, though it is perfectly suitable for classical use, it is predominantly used in jazz.

Yamaha Music London has a range of vibraphones for sale, including the yv-1605 and the yv-2700. The vibraphone model yv-3710 is notable in that its frame can be broken down for ease of transportation; the yv-4110 is low pitched and has a particularly large range, C1-C4. Our vibraphone bars are made from aluminium but come in a variety of finishes including silver satin and gold mirror.

We deliver to all areas of the UK.

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