Yamaha UD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Adaptor

Connect your keyboard's USB-To-Host socket wirelessly to iOS or Mac

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UD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Adaptor
UD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Adaptor UD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Adaptor


UD-BT01 - Wireless MIDI Adaptor to connect USB-to-host to compatible Apps (USB power supply needed).

Connecting digital instruments with USB port Wireless MIDI data transmission enables smooth & easy interaction between your instrument and iOS apps. The UD-BT01 connects to the USB-To-Host port of the instrument. Any USB power adaptor can be used to supply the device with electricity. 


Power Consumption170mW
NoteBluetooth (Ver4.0; GATT compatible), MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy - Compliant


Compatible DevicesiPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Mac, Bluetooth 4.0 required iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3rd generation or later, iPad Mini, iPod touch 5th generation, iMac/MacBook with Bluetooth 4.0
Comaptible OSiOS 8 or later, OSX Yosemite or later
Size/WeightDimensions45 mm (W) × 12 mm (H) × 40 mm (D) (includes connector portion)
Product IDSUDBT01

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question:


Thank you for your enquiry. The UD-BT01 enables the transmission of MIDI data between compatible MIDI devices (eg a Yamaha USB-to-Host equipped keyboard and a MacBook, Mac Pro, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, running current or recent operating systems).

MIDI data is purely information that can describe music, and/or instructions that can modify the settings or firmware of a device. For instance, MIDI enables you to:

  • Send signals in real-time about the notes you’re playing on a keyboard to a virtual instrument on an iPad, making the virtual instrument play the same notes but using its own sound
  • Change the voice/patch/program number of a synthesizer

Crucially however, MIDI data doesn’t include any audio - there’s no sound transmitted. Therefore, a MIDI connection (wired or Bluetooth) won’t be suitable for connecting speakers to your MacBook or iPhone.

There are a variety of Bluetooth speaker systems available - our own MusicCast speakers (such as the WX-030) support Bluetooth streaming and can be used with your MacBook or iPhone. However, be aware that due to latency and the possibility of interference or audio compression, studio monitor speakers (as of March 2018) generally don’t use Bluetooth connections – hence our HS and MSP Series Monitors use standard balanced cable connections.


Thank you for the question. We've designed the UD-BT01 to work to the Bluetooth MIDI standard. This is supported by Apple in iOS 8 and later on iPad/iPhone (and Mac OS X Yosemite or later on Mac).

From the information we have available, the iPad 2 (2011) does support iOS 8 and iOS 9.


Thank you for the question. Yes, the UD-BT01 is suitable for use with the P-115 piano. Please be aware that the UD-BT01 needs to be powered using a standard USB power adapter (or charger).


Thanks for the question. The UD-BT01 transmits MIDI over Bluetooth; a protocol currently supported by macOS and iOS. At the time of writing (December 2016), this protocol isn't yet recognised by Windows and so the UD-BT01 won't work with Sibelius on a Windows computer (but would work with Sibelius on a Mac running macOS Yosemite or later).

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