Why the Pros Use Yamaha Hardware

Why do the pros use Yamaha Hardware?  Let them speak for themselves:

Tommy Aldridge

"When I was coming up my mom often told me I could/would break most anything. 
Mom wasn't right about everything.
My Yamaha hardware is still standin'.
Show after show, solo after solo, it ain't goin nowhere."

Mike Bordin (Faith No More)

"I trust Yamaha hardware night after night to stand up to the stress of touring, wear and tear of live shows, and even to support the occasional Lead Vocalist front flip off a full Marshall Stack and landing directly on the Rack…with only slight damage to the singer."

Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden)

"I need my drum hardware to withstand the studio, the show and the tour. Yamaha makes the most adaptable and strongest hardware available. I depend on it to do my job in every situation."

Billy Cobham

"I have been using Yamaha stands and assorted hardware for about 14 years now. In the years that I have been working with Yamaha hardware they have never let me down and are very comfortable to use."

Sully Erna

"When men go to battle, they wear the best armor, counting on its reliability. Me and Shannon battle nightly, and never once has this armor failed us. It's strength, durability and convenience is why Yamaha's hardware is the best there is in the drum world... Period!"

Shannon Larkin

"With over 30 years of touring and recording as a hard rock drummer, it was nine years ago I played my first Yamaha kit and fell in love with not only the best sounding shells but also the most durable, innovative, and rock-steady hardware on the planet. Yamaha foot pedals are by far the strongest pedal out there, and the hi-hat stands are a step ahead of all the rest. Beat on the cymbals as hard as you can and you'll see that Yamaha cymbal stands just can't be beat!"