Christmas with Yamaha

Christmas is a time to celebrate, full of traditions with music weaving its magic into the very heart of the festive season. Loved and cherished Christmas carols, the heavenly voices of King's College choir on Christmas Eve and even Noddy Holder hollering It's Christmaaaas! are all part and parcel of this super-special time of the year. Christmas simply isn't Christmas without music! Music Makes Christmas Shine Brighter.

Our unique music store has got Christmas wrapped up with sparkling music gift ideas from practice to performance and for everyone who plays music or enjoys listening to music. Yamaha music instruments, home entertainment gadgets and gear with superior Yamaha sound, heritage and craftsmanship designed to suit your lifestyle and the very best industry-defining innovation and music technology, all set to inspire and set the stage alight!

Just Starting Out

Learning to play enriches your life, enabling you to express yourself and enjoy a lifetime of entertainment!  We want to help get you started.
The Yamaha entry-level, portable digital keyboard pack is the perfect gateway to learning the piano P45 pack or for an authentic touch, realistic tone with stylish design take a look at Arius Digital piano packs.  Take centre stage with the very affordable Yamaha starter Acoustic guitar pack. The  Pacifica boasts outstanding tone and value and comes with two free online lessons.

Dreaming of drumming? The Rydeen kits are the perfect way to begin, a complete well-built kit with classic looks.  Worried how family and neighbours will react when you practice your beats? The very popular Yamaha electronic drums have a small footprint, so space is not an issue and can be played silently straight out of the box without any tears.

Yamaha beginner instruments have been created to keep beginners engaged and entertained making practice sessions fun and steady progress achievable. We are here to support you on your musical journey. 

Play Your Way

Playing music purely for your own pleasure, at home, your way is one of the most satisfying pastimes in the world. Do you love making music in your spare time or know someone who does? We have selected an amazing choice of Yamaha Christmas Gift ideas designed to transform your music making, self-expression and creativity. Treat yourself or the musician in your life this Christmas.
The THR30II gives guitarists the freedom to play anywhere and at anytime. The incredible TransAcoustic guitar has an immersive built-in reverb and effects that resonate within the instrument itself. The classic craftsmanship, cutaway design and revolutionary technology will enable you to play and sound your very best.

Take your piano playing to new heights with the Yamaha CLP series of digital pianos which not only have impressive, good looks but also use cutting-edge tech to recreate the unforgettable experience of performing on a grand piano in your own home!

The P-45 Piano Deluxe pack is perfect for players looking for a high-quality digital Yamaha piano with a piano-like touch in a compact and light-weight design to complement your home or interior.

Love To Gig

We are so excited that live music is back! Yamaha instruments and gear are chosen by the world's largest touring and music festival companies and played by some of the most famous pro-musicians around the world. Consistently chosen for their high-quality craftsmanship, innovative music tech and reliability. Whether you gig solo or in a band or orchestra we have some great Christmas music gifts and gear that you will want to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day to keep you on top of your gigging game!

Hit the stage and start the set strong with our Tour Custom acoustic kits, or the DTX10 electronic kits.

Looking for a guitar with stage presence and sheer playability? A3M ARE Electro-Acoustic guitar gives you the best of both worlds, it's vintage finish hides the unique Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE) so that the guitar already sounds played-in and the Yamaha easy-to-use SRT2 pickup system is included for excellent amplified performance.

The Pacifica 612V Mk II shares the same body, hardware and neck as the legendary 611V - but feature Seymour Duncan SSL-1 and Custom5 pickups, black scratchplates.

Out of the powerful Montage stable comes the MODX8+ and Yamaha MODX6+ Synths.
Tech that every gigging Keyboardist wants, both with exceptional sound quality and complex sound design.

On Stage Every Night

Curtains Up on Christmas! We are delighted to present our special edit of amazing Xmas gift ideas for professional musicians, performers, artists and music producers that will take you to new levels in your craft and leave the audience wanting more!
Let the joy in and release your artistic expression with our flagship Yamaha SV255 5-String Silent Violin, designed for professionals wanting an amplified yet nuanced violin sound.

The classic SG has long been a favourite and the new streamlined spec and custom-shop parts of the SG1820 Electric Guitar adds to the incredible sound, outstanding playability and cool styling & an unbeatable combo!

Imagine a piano that resonates with the emotions of the performer, truly unifying piano with pianist. The CFX Full Grand Piano has perfect attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form. Great design never grows old.

The hard-working Genos Workstation is packed with powerful features and unbeatable sound quality. The amazing sound, design and user experience will inspire your musical creation and performance, taking you to new levels in your craft.

Pure energy and we are here for it! Our Live Custom Kits have increased their dynamic range by accentuating the attack and projection.

Audio Bliss At Christmas

The festive season is the perfect time to make the most of time with family and friends watching wonderful Christmas movies and sharing your favourite music. This year discover audio bliss with our premium selection of audio-visual Christmas Gifts for you and your family.

With complete packages, full home solutions, soundbars, wireless speakers and headphones and earbuds, there is something for everyone.  The MusicCast App will bring all Musiccast gear together and easily controlled through your phone