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Photo of a Yamaha CLP-685 Clavinova Piano in a modern home

Smart Pianist App for Android iOS Apple iPad iPhoneSmart Pianist App for iOS Apple iPad iPhone

Want to learn piano but don’t have a piano tutor, learn through Yamaha Smart Pianist!

Yamaha Smart Pianist is one of our best apps yet, learning how to play all in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to learn through our app then check out these tips below!

1. Changing the Tempo- Trying to get the hang of Arpeggios? Slow the temp down using the tool bar at the side of the score to make it slower so that you can keep pace and learn them in your own time. Or if you prefer a challenge, speed the tempo up to make the temp of the score faster!

2. Learning your own songs- Teach yourself songs from the greats by connecting the Yamaha Smart Pianist app to your playlist. This way songs from your personal playlist will convert to scores that you can learn off!

3. Focus on the right- Change your settings to focus on either the right or left hand while playing. Do this by selecting which hand you would like at the bottom of the options then you will hear the notes either playing in the left or right hand

4. Change your sound- Always wanted to play the Organ? No problem! You can now change the voices through our voice selection of the app. Choose whether to layer or even save that voice for another time

5. Our CSP- Want to get the most out of Yamaha Smart Pianist, then purchase one of our CSP models! Using this app with our CSP will give you even more functionality. On our CSP range you even have the option of learning our scores through LED lights directing you on every note to play. Find more information about our CSP range on our website CSP Series Clavinova Digital Pianos

So why don’t you go and try these now on Yamaha Smart Pianist now? Download for free on both iOS and Android devices.
However, you want to learn do it on Yamaha Smart Pianist!

Smart Pianist App for Android iOS Apple iPad iPhoneSmart Pianist App for iOS Apple iPad iPhone